SALT 에스에이엘티


SALT is a community where everything is poured out to the teachers and students.

Purpose of Establishment

S A L T (Students Around Loving Teachers) is where each and every single student is recognized for their individuality and respected in their own accord.

Set in a positive community of teachers, students, and parents, it is centered around Christian views and teachings.

As salt enhances the taste of different ingredients in dishes, S A L T has a purpose to help enhance the individual goals and dreams of the students through the development of teachers, a catered curriculum, content, program, contests, etc.


You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? [ Matthew 5:13 ]

Students Around Loving Teachers is a community where everything is poured out to the teachers and students; it places a great emphasis and importance in the God-centered relational bond that goes far beyond the academic standards.

Essentially, S A L T is a place where the students are able to pursue their purpose in life with real lifelong role models as guides and counselors.

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If no two people are alike, then no two people have the capability of learning alike. This really just means that no two students can learn and/or grow in the same manner as the other. S A L T is to help prepare every single one of our students to find their path in God and to be their own living testimonies.