SALT 에스에이엘티


Learning is a
lifelong experience.

  • 1 Curriculum 

    S A L T’s curriculum is primarily based off of the Common Core State Standard (CCSS) and the main purpose is to implement the standard to best cater to the students’ needs as they learn the essential academic requirements while further exploring and experimenting with the application of the content.

  • 2 Difference

    Rather than focusing on WHAT you have learned and from WHOM, it is much more important to learn HOW to learn and APPLY. Having said, S A L T is set out to educate the mind by exploring the critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, research, and the communication of life.

  • 3 Specification

    The three departments (Elementary, Junior, and Senior) are each broken down into four grade levels and there are just as many relative content alignment as there are distinctions to best cater to the different grade groups.


  • ElementaryEnglish, Math, S.G.H. (Science & Social)
  • Junior SpecificEnglish, Math, S.G.H. (Science & Social), Technical English, EXP
  • Senior SpecificEnglish, Math, S.G.H. (Science & Social), Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, US History, World History, Economics, Psychology, etc. (AP Courses offered upon student’s needs)


  • Koreana combination of the traditional, cultural, and necessary skill sets as ethnic Koreans
  • Spanishan introductory language course to expose the culture, trend, and the fluency of Spanish
  • Religiona counselling motive with the underlying morals and values of Christianity
  • Specialtyan exploration of the general visual, physical, and performing arts (Art, Music, P.E., Aquatics)
  • Chinesean introductory language course to expose the culture, trend, and the fluency of Chinese (Upon entering senior years, optional intermediate and advanced courses to follow)

for more application and learning experience

  • Certificationa long-term challenge to promote self-awareness, development, and intellectual expansion with extra-curricular activities and volunteering opportunities to ultimately achieve world recognized credentials
  • Standardizeda course for Senior High students to constantly be exposed to the Standardized Tests (i.e. SAT)
  • Project/ Problem Based Learningan opportunity to learn and experience all the basic (and required) skills of taking on a challenge by individual & teamwork, research & planning, compiling & execution, presentation & final product, failures and creativity, etc.
    → more about P.B.L.